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5 Minute Success - The Podcast

Jun 20, 2020

Anne Midgette was the chief classical music critic of The Washington Post for 11 years, until last November; before that, she was for seven years a regular contributor to The New York Times. Her writings on opera, music, theater, film and dance have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Opera News, Town & Country, and many other publications. A graduate of Yale University, she began her journalism career during the 11 years she lived in Munich, Germany, where she edited a monthly English-language magazine, traveled around Europe contributing articles to various publications, translated everything from technical manuals to film screenplays, and wrote several travel guidebooks. She has co-authored books on the tenor Luciano Pavarotti ("The King and I") and the pianist Leon Fleisher ("My Nine Lives"). She is currently working on a historical novel about the woman who built pianos for Beethoven.



In this episode, Karen and Anne discuss Anne’s 80x80 Movement - Milestones & Medals - Challenges for Life: 

  • Was there something that happened to inspire you on this journey?
    • If exercise were an over the counter drug, everyone would buy it. 
  • Milestones and Medals along the way
    • You can set your own medals and milestones. 
  • What has been your greatest Movement Challenges?
    • Getting out and running gives you time to allow yourself to pursue other interests, such as new books, music, places, etc.
  • What has been one of your most memorable Challenges?
    • Beginning running or other exercise programs can lead to other exciting life changes, such as taking leaps you hadn’t considered tangible before.
  • What inspiration do you have for those new to the 80 x 80 Movement?
    • You can do it to, if only you take the time. 
  • What’s your next Challenge for Life?



"It is important to have motivation and a goal."- Anne Midgette



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About the Podcast 


Join host Karen Briscoe for 80x80 Movement Mondays each month to hear stories and inspirations for your 80x80 Movement journey! Tune in to hear guest’s share their Challenges for Life. Karen shares the ups and downs, Milestones and Medals, and Challenges for Life on her 80x80 Movement journey at


Here’s to your Challenges for Life! 



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