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5 Minute Success - The Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

Grant Wise is a serial entrepreneur. The President and Co-Founder of Witly, a Client Generation Software for Real Estate agents. Grant is known to be a maverick leader and an innovative marketing strategist who is unafraid to lead companies in new directions. Grant has been described as irreverent, artful, and dramatic with a strong entrepreneurial spirit constantly striving for RESULTS in his clients’ businesses.




Grant’s story is one of education, truth, and perseverance. Grant’s first entrepreneurial step in the real estate industry started when he learned that he could run targeted Facebook ads on behalf of real estate agents and get engagement for pennies (and get houses sold for dollars). Realizing the exceptional value, he could provide, he pivoted his business into an educational platform and now continues to teach realtors, investors, and mortgage experts how to use social media alongside his Marketing Intelligence Software, Witly, to close real estate deals and scale small businesses. He has helped more than 60,000 companies, entrepreneurs, and business owners actualize their dreams through hands-on learning. Grant’s methods of marketing and social selling are responsible for billions of dollars of Real Estate sold.


Grant has worked alongside notable industry leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Tom Krol, Shon Kokoszka, Lauren Taylor, and many more. 



In this episode, Karen and Grant discuss:


  • Success Story of Grant
  • Commit to Get Leads


  • Understand who your customer is and what they want. Marketing yourself doesn’t work until the customer knows they need you.


  • Consult to Sell


  • Have a script ready for phone calls, texts, voicemails, and any other communication you would have with the customer.


  • Connect to Build and Grow


  • Have 1-3-minute videos ready for Dynamic Video Remarketing. Break down the conversation that you always have with customers and market it socially.


  • Success Thinking, Activities and Vision


  • Create predictability in your business - it will eradicate the inconsistency and the anxiety, then you’ll be able to start getting victories. Victories create momentum. Momentum creates power and energy. And all of those things are just incredible breeding grounds for success.


  • Sweet Spot of Success




"I've generated over 17,000 appointments for my company 100% on autopilot. But I did that because when I generate a lead, I follow that person all over the internet until they liked me enough to book that appointment." - Grant Wise



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Here’s to your success in business and in life!



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