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5 Minute Success - The Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

After 25 years of experience selling to such prestigious organizations as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA, Nikki Rausch decided to trade in her road warrior status so she could help entrepreneurs sell in a way that builds relationships, creates true connection, and results in more closed deals and long-term clients. Now, as a sales coach, author, speaker and founder of Sales Maven, Nikki transforms the misunderstood process of “selling” into techniques, tools, and tips that can be successfully incorporated into a process replicable by anyone whose livelihood relies on selling a product, a service, or themselves. When she's not helping business owners move their clients along the 'Selling Staircase', Nikki enjoys taking in all the beauty that living in the Pacific Northwest affords her. 



In this episode, Karen and Nikki discuss:


  • Success Story of Nikki
  • Commit to Get Leads


  • Attracting your leads through introduction - of who you are and what you do - and curiosity – how you answer the questions during the introduction.


  • Consult to Sell


  • Start with your most expensive product, then move to the least, but offer no more than 3 products that fit the clients needs. Make sure to end the conversation with closing language.


  • Connect to Build and Grow


  • Repeat clients are your best leads – they already know and like you! There are often other services that you can provide for customers you have already served.


  • Success Thinking, Activities and Vision


  • Internal state management is crucial to your success – take a minute or two to focus on your mindset before going into meetings or into any moment where you want to be really present.  


  • Sweet Spot of Success




"If you’re not doing a consultation or a discovery call in 30 minutes or less, you’re probably either asking the wrong questions, or you’re asking too many questions and you need to be more succinct."- Nikki Rausch



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Connect with Nikki Rausch:


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Book: The Selling Staircase, Buying Signals, and Six-Word Lessons on Influencing with Grace

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About the Podcast


Join host Karen Briscoe each week to learn how you can achieve success at a higher level by investing just 5 minutes a day! Tune in to hear powerful, inspirational success stories and expert insights from entrepreneurs, business owners, industry leaders, and real estate agents that will transform your business and life. Karen shares a-ha moments that have shaped her career and discusses key concepts from her book Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed.


Here’s to your success in business and in life!



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