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5 Minute Success - The Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Tony Javier is the owner of an INC 5000 rated Real Estate Investment Company. He has been investing in Real Estate since 2001 and has done close to 1,000 flips. 


Since Tony has automated his Real Estate Investing business, he concentrates his time on helping Real Estate Investors through his Masterminds, Gap Funding and a TV Program that shows Real Estate Investors how to grow their business through TV commercials. 


You can find him at


In this episode, Karen and Tony discuss:

  • Success Story of Tony
  • Commit to Get Leads
    • TV Commercials are a way that you can build your brand, show your expertise, and bring in consistent business. 
  • Consult to Sell
    • Being on TV gives you a greater return on time and greater trust from your prospects when they reach out to you leading to higher conversion rates. 
  • Connect to Build and Grow
    • If you can find a deal, the money will come. Real estate is leverageable. 
  • Success Thinking, Activities and Vision
    • Surround yourself with high level thinkers. If you want to do great things, surround yourself with people who do great things (especially those who do the things you want to be doing). 
  • Sweet Spot of Success



"Anything you do needs to have leverage. There are so many ways to leverage other people and other things to get what you want. You just have to have the mindset that it's achievable." - Tony Javier



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About the Podcast

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Here’s to your success in business and in life!



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