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Mar 21, 2020

I have been an athlete most of my life never really doing anything organized until later in life. I played tennis in high school and then on women and coed softball teams after graduating. In 1991 my real life as an athlete began when a friend talked me into taking some college classes. I took a class called "Physical Conditioning". We were required to be able to run a mile by the end of the 16 weeks and I was running 5 miles by the end. Overachiever, I guess they would say. I found that I really did like running. I continued running for many years but never raced until 2004 when a friend talked me into a 5k, then she talked me into a half marathon and then a marathon. I continued doing races occasionally after that but really in comparison to others, I didn't race that much. In 2012 my only child and son SPC Jason Edens was wounded in Afghanistan and passed away from those wounds on April 26th. My life was devastated and turned upside down. I didn't know what to do or where to turn but I knew that I had to find a positive focus and outlet for my grief instead of a destructive path as I have seen others go down. I decided to use running for that outlet. This gave me an opportunity to continue doing something that I love and also allows me to honor my son's memory. I added triathlon to my life in 2015 and completed my first Ironman in 2019. It's been almost 8 years since I lost Jason but his memory will live on in me and Team Jason as long as I still breathe.


In this episode, Karen and Janet discuss Janet’s 80x80 Movement - Milestones & Medals - Challenges for Life: 


  • Was there something that happened to inspire you on this journey?


  • After losing her son, SPC Jason Edens, in 2012, she now uses triathlons and running as a platform to make others aware of her son’s sacrifice and as part of her grief process.


  • Milestones and Medals along the way


  • Team Jason has continued to grow from 5 members to as many as 40 members throughout the years since his passing in 2012.


  • What has been your greatest Movement Challenges?


  • Janet set her own personal best marathon at the age of 56.


  • What has been one of your most memorable Challenges?


  • The relationships along the way are built throughout the triathlons and other races – Janet uses those relationships and experiences to keep the memory of her son alive.


  • What inspiration do you have for those new to the 80 x 80 Movement?


  • Giving back to the community is a reason that Janet continues to pick races and decide what next activity she will do next.


  • What’s your next Challenge for Life?



"Just because you’re aging, doesn’t mean that you can’t be your best. Age is just a number."- Janet Crane


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 Military Loss Website:

Ironman YouTube Video: 2019 IRONMAN Chattanooga Race Day

TeamUSA Triathalon: Why She Tris: Gold Star Mother Honors her Late Son Through Triathalon




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