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5 Minute Success - The Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

Matt Aitchison is a real estate investor, business coach, speaker and philanthropist. He’s flipped hundreds of houses, built a Top 1000 real estate team in the U.S, and now focuses solely on scaling his passive income portfolio made up of commercial strip centers, a hotel, and single family rentals. Matt is extremely passionate about helping others create more wealth, freedom, and fulfillment in their life and business through real estate and business investment opportunities and is also the host of the Millionaire Mindcast, a Top 100 ranked business podcast. Most importantly, he’s a husband to his amazing wife Marie and two beautiful daughters, Ella and Evelyn.



In this episode, Karen and Matthew discuss:

  • Success Story of Matthew
  • Commit to Get Leads
    • Double down on the things that you are great at. Take those opportunities that you know will work and score points every single time, every single day. 
  • Consult to Sell
    • In order to convert, you must, first, have clarity on what the client needs or wants and how you or your company falls into that equation. 
  • Connect to Build and Grow
    • Scaling businesses ethically takes two things: great people and sound systems. 
  • Success Thinking, Activities and Vision
    • As you lean into opportunities that you fear, you will learn you are capable, and that fear will turn into confidence. 
  • Sweet Spot of Success



"All of the best things that you want in life are going to come with time...every single day, make small, smart, consistent choices over an extended period of time and it is inevitable that you are going to unlock results and produce outcomes that you would not be able to do otherwise."- Matthew Aitchison



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About the Podcast

Join host Karen Briscoe each week to learn how you can achieve success at a higher level by investing just 5 minutes a day! Tune in to hear powerful, inspirational success stories and expert insights from entrepreneurs, business owners, industry leaders, and real estate agents that will transform your business and life. Karen shares a-ha moments that have shaped her career and discusses key concepts from her book Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed.


Here’s to your success in business and in life!



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